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(Municipal Law, Construction Law & Insurance Law)

The members of the law firm of The Rehfuss Law Firm also have extensive experience in municipal defense litigation. Our firm has established a proven track record of coordinating with municipal and public authorities and their insurance carriers, claims managers and municipal counsel in the representation and defense of civil claims.

The attorneys at The Rehfuss Law Firm have backgrounds in advising and representing businesses and individuals involved in the construction industry in their capacities as owners, general contractors or subcontractors. Our services include, but are not limited to, the preparation and review of construction contracts, disputes concerning adequacy of performance and mechanic’s lien litigation.

The Rehfuss Law Firm represents municipalities and other governmental entities, both directly and through their insurers. For years, our representation has included cities, counties, housing authorities and their employees in the following areas:

*Civil Rights and Liability Defense

As the traditional shield of sovereign immunity has eroded, governments and their employees have been presented with a multitude of serious claims. Our attorneys are known for their successful and aggressive defense of governmental entities. We have handled cases involving virtually every aspect of governmental liability and have defended clients in a number of landmark cases.

*Public Safety

Virtually every aspect of public safety subjects government to potential liability. We routinely defend claims involving police liability, prisoner rights, law enforcement issues and jail conditions.


Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the world of real estate regulation. Our familiarity with local governments and their procedures means we are uniquely equipped to ensure successful resolution of zoning disputes whether they occur in an administrative or judicial forum.

*Personnel and Constitutional Law

We defend all types of public sector employee disputes. Our practice in this area is thought to be one of the largest in the region. We routinely handle matters ranging from personnel board and civil service hearings to federal court litigation involving constitutional claims for deprivation of due process, denial of equal protection and violation of freedom of speech.

*Insurance Law

The attorneys at The Rehfuss Law Firm provide aggressive representation in the areas of insurance law and litigation. We represent individuals and insurance companies in the defense of first party and third party claims in state and federal court. These matters include:
•      Automobile accident related claims
•      Automotive dealership claims
•      General liability matters
•      Consumer claims
•      Property claims
•      Personal injury
•      Wrongful death