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$165,000 Settlement reached for infant plaintiff in dog bite case


KW, an infant was playing at a friend’s house when she was viciously attacked by the friend’s Rottweiler.  KW suffered bite marks to her left arm, right leg and lower back and was treated at AMCH and subsequently by a plastic surgeon.

KW’s mother retained the services of the Rehfuss Law Firm.  During the investigation, it was found that a number of complaints had been made to the dog’s owner about the dog barking, growling and baring its teeth at children.  In addition, a complaint had been filed with the local dog warden about the dog’s behavior months before and after the incident, the owner admitted to KW’s mother that he was concerned that this type of thing would happen.

The case was litigated, depositions were conducted and the parties subsequently engaged the services of a mediator.  The original offer from the insurance carrier for the owner was $0. As a result of the investigation conducted by the Rehfuss Law Firm,  the case was settled during mediation for $165,000.


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